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Company History

In 1981 Enzo Salvatore Pinna came to the USA to try a new life in the "New World". After working a number of years as a machine tools salesman and later as an import-export officer for a major bank, he soon was longing for  original imported foods that he was accustomed to from Europe. Finding out that in New York, where all kinds of imported foods were available, he started making frequent shopping trips to buy the foods he loved. Friends and other people were asking him to bring more of the foods for them, too.

In 1983, he invested $ 2000 from tax returns with the intention to sell the food for profit. The demand was growing weekly so did his trips to New York. Soon his "side job" was more rewarding than the earnings as a bank employee. His wholesale business was growing very rapidly and in 1984 he decided to open an imported foods store. Both wholesale and retail were doing very well. However, handling both businesses was very time demanding. At the end of 1984 he sold the retail store to dedicate all his time to the wholesale business.

In 1985 business was booming. In that year Enzo met Gerardo Vitale who was working for a meat company specialized in European style veal cuttings. Gerardo had also a dream of one day owning his own business. Adding meats to the imported food line and serving both to restaurants was a very good idea. Hence, Enzo decided to offer Gerardo a partnership. In a new company which both decided to name...



From what it started to be a small two man operation soon grew into a midsize food wholesale and distribution business. Today Impero Foods & Meats has grown into a multimillion-dollar foodservice company catering to fine restaurants, the pizza industry and carry out shops. Impero Foods & Meats now offers a full line of products ranging  from fresh Meats, Pasta, Tomatoes, Cheeses and Olive Oils to a large variety of Frozen Foods, Paper goods and Cleaning supplies for restaurants.

Impero Foods & Meats is a leading provider of authentic pizza and Italian food products. Being locally owned and managed, we have the ability to deliver unmatched customer service and product expertise, while being part of Bellissimo Foods gives us the advantage of international purchasing power. Impero Foods & Meats offers international sourcing of the finest and most authentic Italian products.